Materia Prima @ Itanoni Oaxaca


Price (per person): $750 MXN Pesos
(price includes full, guided 5-course tasting menu)

Maximum 12 people per session: We maintain strict, up-to-date health regulations and requirements for our guests.

Language: These tastings will be provided in both English and Spanish with relevant translation provided, when necessary.

Payment: All reservations can be made by following the selection below (calendar/date/time/number of guests). Once on the checkout page, full payment is required to reserve your spot on this session. Cancellation/refund details can be found below.

Don’t See A Date Listed? If you are within 48 hours of your preferred session date, please contact us here for availability. If you have a group that meets the session minimum for a date not listed on our calendar, or for a private session/tasting, please contact us directly here

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Materia Prima @ Itanoni Oaxaca

A Monthly, 5-Course Guided Tasting and Sensory Exploration of Mexico’s Culinary Pillars: Corn, Chocolate, Mezcal

Next Dates: Saturday, December 19, 2020 – 6:00pm-8:30pm @ Itanoni Oaxaca


The Tasting:

Maize/Corn on the Comal @ Itanoni Oaxaca
While you may have heard of the three sisters, Mexico also has three pillars – maize (corn), cacao (chocolate), and agave (maguey).

These three distinct foods each carry their own ancient history, as well as daily and ceremonial nourishment for local people.

With a five-course tasting as our vehicle, each month the founders of Itanoni, Oaxaca Profundo Sessions, and Expresiones del Mezcal invite you to join us on what is a deep gastronomical, cultural, and sensorial dive into the world and intersections of these three great Mesoamerican foods, at Itanoni Oaxaca.

From the raw materials to prepared foods to rare versions of each ancient food staple, we challenge our guests to come with clean slate and palette, to learn and deepen our collective understanding of these culinary and cultural pillars.

Key Details:

When: Two Nights a Month (see calendar), 6pm-8pm, Reservations Required

Where: Itanoni Restaurant (Avenida Belisario Dominguez 513, Colonia Reforma, Oaxaca)

Dietary Restrictions:
To begin, Oaxaca can be a difficult place for people with severe allergies or dietary restrictions. Therefore, please advise us in advance of any restrictions and we will do our best to accommodate our guests. This session’s meals are all plant-based (vegetarian-friendly). With advance notice, we can prepare vegan dishes, as well. Severe food allergies cannot be accommodated for this class.

Medical Issues:
First and foremost, we do not have adequate medical training. Therefore, if you have a medical condition or carry medicines/tools with you, please advise us in advance. We will do our best to help in whatever way we can. However, we are not responsible for your health. Know your body. Know your requirements. Please, inform us of your issues.


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All cancellations must be made in writing, via email at least 48 hours before the session, otherwise you forfeit payment guaranteed at that point for our staff and hosts. Therefore, there are no refunds for cancellations. However, if the reservation is cancelled with more than 48 hours written notice, we can re-schedule your booking for a date within one calendar year in which our hosts/session animators are all available to work and the minimum number of guests is already met. Each of our sessions/tastings requires a minimum number of guests in order to proceed. If you book with us and we do not have the required number of guests, we do reserve the right to cancel your session, wherein your payment will be refunded in full.